Security Professionals should Broaden Perspective

Ross Anderson & Tyler Moore, 2008

The economics of information security has recently become a thriving and fast-moving discipline. … The new field provides valuable insights not just into ‘security’ topics such as privacy, bugs, spam, and phishing, but into more general areas such as system dependability, and policy. … has been starting to spill over into more general security questions (such as law-enforcement strategy), and into the interface between security and social sciences. Most recently it has started to interact with psychology, both through the psychology-and-economics tradition… … Game theory and microeconomic theory has becoming important to the security engineer…

Information security is never a business on its own. It is an entity that is spawned in the presence of others. The field of information includes security, economics, social science, psychology, etc. Each of them correlates closely with each other.

No longer can security professionals be narrow minded in their own technological fantasy. Studies of human cognitive model, social science, microeconomics, politics and international relations are necessary for us to create an impact and make the infocomm world a better place.


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