The New Koobface Malware?

I received quite a number of malicious emails from a friend of mine via the Facebook Messenger this morning. It’s rather easy to tell that it’s a malware.

  • The email that display the message provides a link (screenshot 1), whereas, viewing the message via Facebook does not (screenshot 2).

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

  • My email address is part of the parameter in the URL (screenshot 1); a generic characteristic of a malicious link.
  • Looking at the target recipient of the message (screenshot 2), it’s suspicious that all the names beginning in J and K.
  • The message is sent from a friend of mine whom I rarely contact.

It’s something similar to the faced out Koobface malware (2008). I’m not very sure if this malware is a new version of Koobface malware, but it does have similar behaviors.

Security message (Quoted from ESET on the Koobface malware): “Don’t trust this new message or any like it sent to you via social network like Facebook. And of course, make sure your antivirus software is always up-to-date.”

To read more about Koobface Malware: Koobface Malware makes a Comeback (


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